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Hangar51 Laser Storm: Overview (Laser Tag for Adventure Play)


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Company History...

Momentum Ltd. was originally established in 1980 to offer an electronic design and development service to industry. In 1986, the company was expanded to incorporate sales, manufacturing and service. In 1990 it released the MCL1100 communications decoder and in 1994 the Optimum range of heating controllers. In 2000 it released the Hangar51 mobile Laser tag system and 2003 the Laser Storm universal Laser tag system. The latest product is Battle Storm, an outdoor Laser skirmish system, released in 2007. Reliability and Innovation coupled with cost effectiveness has always been a corner stone of Momentum’s products.

Whilst Momentum’s experience in Laser and infra-red designs for industry can be traced back to 1986, it was in 1993 that Momentum was commissioned to design and develop a complete Laser tag system. Since then it has gone on to design, develop and manufacture Laser based game systems for international manufacturers of bumper cars and dark rides.  

In 1997 Momentum Ltd started its own development of a Mobile Laser Tag system which was released in 2000 under the brand name Hangar51.

The huge success and reliability of the Hangar51 mobile system resulted in the development of Laser Storm system which allowed the Laser guns to be used in Indoor arenas, outdoors and Adventure play centres – in fact almost anywhere. The development Laser Storm system is on going as new applications are found.

In 2005, development was started on an outdoor Laser skirmish system. This system was named Battle Storm and released in early 2007. The Battle Storm system is so advanced that several patents have been filed during its development. Originally aimed at the outdoor combat leisure market as a safe and painless alternative to paintball, Battle Storm is so revolutionary and realistic that the system has also attracted interest from the armed forces throughout the World for a safe and environmentally friendly system for training and recruitment.

Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play)