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Hangar51 Laser Storm: Overview (Laser Tag for Adventure Play)


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About the Laser Gun...

The Laser Gun is the heart of any Laser tag system, and its hi-tech features are all important. The  Laser Gun is hi-tech and perhaps the most advanced Laser Gun available; just compare the features below with the competition. Reliability is an important feature for any professional product, and from the original design, reliability of the Hangar51 system was paramount. We believe our Laser Guns are the most reliable in the industry, but don’t believe us - ask our customers.

- Safe Laser

- Interactive and high quality speech system

- Safe two handed grip

- Built-in full game display with continuously updated score

- Multi-coloured LEDs for team identification

- Vibrates when hit and LEDs flash orange

- Printable score sheets

The Laser Guns are a guns-only or pack-less system. In a pack-less system all the features of the Laser Gun are built-in, making it highly reliable.  Phone us for more information.

General operation features:

Simple starting

Full game information display

Real time score

Hi-Quality synthesised speech

Verbal hit indication

Physical, sound and visual hit indication

Multi colour Laser Gun LEDs

Flash updates

Upload game information to computer

Construction features:

Internal steel chassis

Durable external Plastics

Stainless steel external screws

Safety features:

High visibility safe red Laser (Class II and 635nm)

Designed to be shot from the hip

Two handed operation

Technical features:

Fully programmable operation

Built-in diagnostics

Advanced battery charge and indication system

Radio control options (Requires RF interface and Laser Guns fitted with RF option)

Continuous downloading of scores

Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play)