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Hangar51 Laser Storm: Overview (Laser Tag for Adventure Play)


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Interactive Targets...

There are two forms of targets available to increase the fun factor of Laser Storm: Laser Mayhem and PGEs (Programmable Game Enhancers).

Laser Mayhem

The Laser Mayhem kit comes with 5 targets units and 1 controller unit, with optional others being purchased separately. The system itself can be used as a stand alone game or as interactive targets during the Laser Tag games.

As a stand alone game, the targets test a player’s reaction time and accuracy; lighting up randomly, the quicker they are shot the more points are received - points are deducted if an un illuminated target or an opposition member is shot. As always, the Laser Gun’s real time scoring updates constantly and the game is self timed!

When incorporated into the standard game, the targets can be shot when illuminated for extra points but shooting the opposition doesn’t deduct points.


PGEs are designed to be installed in the arena and can be programmed to carry out a certain operation before the game begins. To ensure a sense of unfamiliarity with certain PGE positions and functions, the mode of operation can be switched after each game, with 3 options available: Mine, HQ or Target.

Contained within a rugged enclosure, the PGEs are mains or battery powered and controlled using touch starters or radio control (RF interface unit).

Mines can be setup to eliminate players in a certain range through a sensor or randomly, to discourage players from over utilising dominant firing positions. They can also have a brief warning or none at all before triggering!

HQs are team bases to be defended or captured (shot a set number of times), lighting up in the appropriate team colour and a row of LEDs to indicate lives left. Every time the HQ is under attack, a sounder warns its defenders of the danger.

Targets start up illuminated red and should not be shot by players, otherwise they lose a life. After a random time, they turn green and can be shot for points, after which it becomes red again and the cycle restarts.

Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play) Hangar51 Laser Storm: Gallery (Laser Tag for Adventure Play)